Research Contributions

Research Contributions (Ph.D.)

  1. Data Collection for road traffic for varying roadway and traffic conditions in different parts of country such as Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai on NH-45, NH-7, NH-4 etc.
  2. The simulation model, named, HETEROSIM, was calibrated and validated using the collected traffic flow data pertaining to the National Highway stretches (part of prestigious project such as Golden Quadrilateral and North-South and East-West Corridor) in India.
  3. The validated model was used to develop speed-flow relations, PCU estimates over wide range of traffic volumes for four-lane and six-lane divided roads. Dynamic nature of PCU values of different vehicles was studied with change in road width and degree of heterogeneity in traffic.
  4. A framework for modeling traffic flow on grades was developed. The developed framework was incorporated in the simulation model, HETEROSIM, for studying the effect of upgrades on performance of vehicles in heterogeneous traffic conditions.
  5. The validated model was used to develop speed-distance performance curves for different vehicle categories on grades varying from 2% to 6% under heterogeneous traffic conditions.
  6. The model was used to develop speed-flow relations, PCU estimates over wide range of traffic volumes for four-lane divided roads with magnitude of upgrades varying from 2% to 6%. The effect of length of grade on PCU values of different vehicle categories was also studied.
  7. Finally, all the PCU estimates were used to derive at capacity estimates for varying roadway conditions on divided intercity roads.

Thesis Research Work (M.Tech.)

“Zoning for Sitting of Industries and environmentally Compatible Township at NandgaonPeth, Amravati”

The research work involves zoning and categorization of chemical industries based on the environmental factors by preparing certain thematic maps pertaining to Air, Water and Ground water Pollution, sensitive zones and Physical characteristics of region and study area as well. Research work also includes location and zoning of township and Chemical Industries based on the environmental considerations.

B. Dissertation Work (M. Tech)

“Analytical Study of IIM, Bangalore Campus”
The dissertation work involves study of IIM, Bangalore Campus based on planning and campus design aspects for which four case studies were considered.

  • Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Ahmedabad.
  • National Insurance Academy, Baner (Pune)
  • YASHADA, Pune
  • Punjab University, Chandigarh.

Based on this comparison certain guidelines were evolved regarding campus planning and design in dissertation work.
Thesis and Dissertation Guide: Prof. V. S. Adane, Professor, Department of Architecture and Planning, VNIT, Nagpur.

Project Work Done in B.E.

“Water Assessment Studies and Design of Distribution System for VRCE, Campus.”
The project involves assessment of water supplied through the water distribution system at VNIT, Nagpur, campus, in terms of quality and quantity. Further a design of water distribution system was done to check the adequacy of sizes of pipes in existing system.
Dissertation Guide: Dr. Rajesh Gupta, Professor and Head, Civil Engineering Department VNIT, Nagpur.